Managed WordPress
Simplified For You.

WPinfy provides Managed WordPress Infrastructure to help you shift your Business to Cloud. Because your customers deserve the best experience.

Optimized Server Infrastructure

At WPinfy, we're using most powerful server infrastructure with latest version of PHP, Nginx & Server side multiple layer caching to make your website superfast & secure.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 US Dallas NGINX + Redis PHP 7.2 N
Succeeded DNS Record Facebook 40K Twitter 70K Google plus 3K DA 38 PA 44 Alexa 58,642

More Simplified Management

We have made the business management more simple for you with all the important data like Traffic Stats, Social Media Growth, SEO Metrics, DNS everything on your screen without being confused.

Power of Managed WordPress

Powerful Cache Management

Stop using bunch of plugins & codes for caching and speed optimization. At WPinfy, our cloud infrastructure will take care of everything.

Premium CDN Network

With our CDN partner BunnyCDN, we serve your website from 34 POPs all around the world. So, your customers will never experience slow loading.


Unbeatable Security

Forget about wasting your time in website security. We're here to handle it on behalf of you with multiple firewalls & heavy isolation.

Daily Backups

We backup your website everyday to multiple locations for maximum safety of your data.

No More Downtime

Your site will always be live with almost zero downtime, thanks to our advanced auto healing infrastructure.

Free SSL Included

Never pay again for SSL certicates. We've included letsencrypt SSL certificate for everyone for free with auto renewal.

Free Migration

Don't want to get your hands dirty on migration of your website ? We're here for smooth migration without downtime.

Expert WordPress Support

No more waiting or support tickets. Connect with our support team members 24x7 with chat or email.



$ 30

per month

1 WordPress Install
30K Monthly Visits
10GB SSD Storage
300GB Bandwidth
100GB Premium CDN

$ 80

per month

3 WordPress Installs
100K Monthly Visits
30GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
500GB Premium CDN
Multisite Support

$ 240

per month

10 WordPress Installs
500K Monthly Visits
100GB SSD Storage
5TB Bandwidth
2TB Premium CDN
Multisite Support
On Premise

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1M+ Monthly Visitors
200GB+ Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
On-Demand Staging
Dedicated Account Manager
All paid users automatically receive:
Optimized Cloud Infrastructure
Free Letsencrypt SSL
Free Backups
24x7 Support
DNS Management
Site Infection Clean on Demand

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