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We have everything in store for you, from a secure to a global network. Follow us to learn more about how you can use WordPress in a better way.

Global CDN

To offer content to users in various areas, we use a network of servers that are dispersed globally and cooperate with one another.

Secure Backups

We normally provide backup services with managed WordPress hosting, which automatically produces and stores regular backups of a website’s data and content.

Free Migration

To help users migrate their website data, content, and settings from their existing hosting provider to the managed WordPress hosting provider, we provide this service.

User Management

We allow website owners to control user access to and edit their WordPress site through our expertly managed WordPress hosting.

Multiple PHP Versions

Managed WordPress hosting companies give this capability to let website owners select the version of PHP that powers their WordPress website.

Free SSL

Being a managed WordPress hosting company, we offer free SSL as a feature to give website owners a secure HTTPS connection and make it challenging for unauthorized parties to intercept or access that data.
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What Our Clients Say

"I've been using WP Infy for a while, and I'm really satisfied with their service. Their platform is incredibly reliable, and their assistance is outstanding. For anyone searching for a dependable managed WordPress hosting company, I highly recommend them."
Terry Anthony
"WP Infy is hands down the best-managed WordPress hosting provider available on the market. Their support staff is constantly there to assist with any problems, and their platform is exceptionally quick and dependable. There is no other place I will indeed host my WordPress website."
Kevin Stone

Why WPinfy ?

Ultimate Performance

We aim to provide fast and responsive websites that can handle high-traffic and resource-intensive tasks.

Rock Solid Security

A strong security system protects our websites from security risks, including malware, hacking attempts, and other malicious assaults.

Scalable Technology

We use this important function, which enables website owners to swiftly and easily scale their websites as their businesses expand by incorporating new resources.

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Have any questions in mind or looking for custom requirements ?

We will be pleased to try and assist you if you have any unique requirements or particular inquiries about managed WordPress hosting. We’ll try our best to give you the information you require; just let us know what you’re looking for or need help.
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