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Best W3 Total Cache Settings for Best Performance & Speed

If you have decided to use the W3 Total Cache plugin to make your WordPress site load faster, you just made an excellent choice.
Though the performance tabs can help you setup Cloudflare (free) and StackPath. It is recommended to use both since each one adds more data centers, further reducing the geographic distance between your server and site visitor. But if you are in a dilemma between faster hosting or StackPath, hosting is still the number 1 speed factor.

First, we will enable the general settings of W3 total cache, and after that, we will enable the advanced settings. Here are the best general settings according to me of W3 total cache to boost your website speed.

1. General Settings

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2. Enable Page Cache


Page cache is very vital to transfer files faster. Page cache builds a cache of pages in your storage disk and moves them more quickly without using your hosting RAM power.

3. Minify


Minify should be kept disabled if you use of Cloudflare as I recommend. The best settings are the preset settings when it comes to Minify, Database Cache, and Object Cache.

4. Database Cache


Recommended to leave as it is.

5. Object Cache


Recommended to leave as it is.

6. Browser Cache


Leave everything as it is else including ‘expires header lifetime’ which the developer says is preset.

7. Extensions


Enable CloudFlare and then go to the below step.

8. CloudFlare

  • First, you will have to go to Cloudflare and sign up. You will be then asked to add your website.
  • Click continue, then scroll down and click continue again.
  • Choose “Free Website” and click continue
  • CloudFlare will give you 2 nameservers
  • Now you will need to google “how to change your nameservers on SiteGround” but Google with your host if you are not using SiteGround. Once you change your nameservers, it might take a while for them to change but it does take effect.
  • Next, log into CloudFlare and go to the speed section and enable all minify options as well as rocket loader.
  • Now make the W3 Total Cache work with CloudFlare. Click on Setting Under CloudFlare in Extensions.

9. Fast WordPress Hosting

One of the most fundamental of having a fast website is to have a good WordPress host.

Screenshot 2019-01-30 at 2.51.19 PM

Wpinfy offers state of the art servers that are optimized for speed and security. Check out our plans here.

Once you’re done, be sure to purge all the cache by going to the DashBoard and finally clicking on Purge all Cache. Using these settings, your WordPress site will up to 5 times faster than usual. You can also test your site speed on Pingdom.

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